Monday, March 18, 2013


After we get our Diploma, we know we can't get like we used to be in Poly. Now, maybe it's not too long after graduate last year but I really miss all  my craziest friends! My ninja's, my short sem team, Kasanova's and more. We've been trough a lot of things doesn't matter how's hard it is. Maybe sometimes we can't get along with each other but at the end we will automatically be fine .

my short sem team! chuey , intan and me!
Three of us become closer since May 2012. We get the short sem for a month. :) 

 DSK family's batch Jan 2010.
Our first task on managing an event and guess what?? all of us success!! wohoa!

My ninja's! From your left tyty, ming2, yuyu and me!
This is our last trip before we went back to Sabah after a final year exam.
Hmm. :'(

Proud to show my band! Kasanova's band! Just a project band for our last dinner but it was awesome to know them.
From left : Mamal, Rin, Me, Amey, Nat, Walid and Apis

Walaahh~ This is our graduation days! Finally dream comes true when we finally finished our study and get the flower that we've always dream about! Haha.

I just wanna say Thank you guys for being my friends and insya'allah I'll never forget what we've been through together. Thank you for patience, understand, supports, consideration and always be there whenever I need you guys. I really appreciate it. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Muahhxx! xoxo ^_^

Sunday, March 17, 2013

march updating..

It's really a long time since I left my blog without any updating. Hmm. Now I'm updating it, thus it's not too bored to watched. I've change all of my theme. Before this my theme color it's kind like a peach color but now I've changed it to the ocean, sky color. It's Blue!! Hehe. I've added mushroom cursors and some falling love so at least it will give my blog more to 'alive' maybe (◕^^◕)

After make over a little my blog, now I just can't stop my hand to click or search or updating. Haha. This is what people are always saying " Benda yang baru dicuba ni memang addicted untuk kita cuba lagi" but I really  doing this kind of things. Mungkin sebab dah lama x make over blog that's why maybe I can't stop to seeing this. Hehe. Oh ya! I've make another blog and dedicated to someone.  *^_^* (blushing)

Alright then, aneyong people!