Friday, February 22, 2013

2013 story

Assalamualaikum wbt :) wow~ its been a long time juga aku x update this blog. It could be faktor masa kot that's why aku lama x update. Since it's the story of 2013 let me wish a

                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 everyone!!!
# i wish this 2013 may gives more blessing and prosperity (copy paste)
# i wish I can see you
# i wish I can get to University in your country :)

Well  now dah Febuary a few weeks lagi dah March, cepat betul masa ni berlalu. Hmm. Actually I have a lot of story tapi aku xtau where should I start. Alhamdulillah~ everything goes well for the early year and I'm keep my self busy with on9 stalking, walking, talking, eating, missing, thinking, and so on. Right now, the only things in my mind is my crushy. How's his doing now? Are his okay? Hmm.
Just feels upset I'm updating my blog with my sad mood. :(  Nevermind, I'm gonna updating this soon. Gtg! Aneyong~